02 September 2015

Judging people and being hypocrite ?

Salam and good afternoon kepada semua pembaca blog dan kepada yang masih setia bersama blogger. 
Its been awhile. Its gonna be hard for me to start writing again. And awkward maybe ? (Why do I have to feel that way?)
Anyway, as I could remember .. I stop blogging and my last posts were back in 2012. Its 3 years ago and I'm 21 year old and 18 y/o back then. 

Regarding to the topic, hypocrite. With one word, but the word reflects to so many thing. Its universe. This is what I am gonna write based on how I feel. Don't judge because its not gonna be the same with yours, of course. 

I'm going to be 3rd year student (Final Year) this Sept, and currently I am doing my degree in Mathematics and Economics. For those who never heard about this course, let me explain. Well, basically in this course, there's no minor or elective that you can freely choose. It is a double major, and of course it is not easy at all, I tell you. You're gonna have a bad day, a not so good results if you're in this course (im kidding). No, what I mean is like.. I have to put so much efforts and struggles. Kalau tersilap langkah, kau akan menyesal sampai lah kau dah final year pun. (macam aku sekarang) so moral of the story, pls be so serious in your studies if youre taking a double major. Goodluck anyway. 

So what I was thinking right now, why I live in a hypocrite life ? Especially in my University. To tell you the truth, I have no bestfriend at all in this USM. I know its quite sad, but my heart is not going to be how it used to be. I miss my childhood and schools time. I truly agree that out of millions friends that you made, its going to be nobody when you're at your worst. Tell me, to whom should I share all my problems, to whom should I borrow their shoulder to cry on and to whom should I share and spend my time through my ups and downs? Nobody. Because there's nobody would do that except Allah. As I grow older, I learned so many things that teach me how to appreciate everything. I am so blessed with everything I had. Thank you Allah for the family, friends and this happy life. It teaches me how to act matured and to make me appreciate my own self.  I feel so blessed with all the good things and even a bad things. 

Im not trying to confess anything here, sebab tak semua benda kita perlu cerita kan. Especially kat media social ni, silap langkah sikit, orang akan terus buat kesimpulan walaupun in reality takde sikit pun pasal dia. Well, aku tak boleh nak condemn apa-apa because people will always judge. No matter how hard you try to make people loves you, at the end .. Its not going to be like how you expect it to be. Betul tak ?

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