25 April 2012

Chapter 1 Done - header

Annyeonghaseyo, Assalamualaikum, Salam 1 Malaysia ^^

I'm back again, 
But now, i'm back with a new header. It just header, but it was temporary. Not as a permanent for sure ^^ done with chapter 1, but there's a lot of chapters.
But then, bila semangat nak edit blog tu datang, buka lah photoshop and all those stuff, tiba-tiba aku stuck T.T
I forgot how to use PHOTOSHOP ! okbai, spoiled my mood.

But try and keep on trying, finallyyyyy aku berjaya jugak menyiapkan header tu, eventho very very simple. 
Well, I will be back again soon. 
Take a good care of your health, life happy as much as you can. 

Done by,

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