13 August 2011

Dear Heart..

Dear heart, please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood. That's it.
By that , this heart never hurt again.

If I never met him. I don't used to be like this anymore. Every seconds, every minutes and every days, this heart never stops for loving you.
Why ? can you please give me a chance and give me your answer ?
YES or NO. I would very happy to hear those words from you. But, for 2 years I've been went through all this, my heart still can't stop. Stop for waiting this words to come out from your mouth.
Hmm, what a live.


It's almost for a months, and now I've started to missed my BLOG for sure. Busy with all of SPM's thingy. And... it's really make me wanna die -.-
Huh! can't wait this to be OVER and can't wait to find MONEY ! heh heh !
Anddd , tak sabarnyaaa nak pegi KOREA if CAN laaahh ! Pocket money pun tak cukup lagi, ada hati nak pergi Korea -.- haha !

... Another 2 weeks , I THINK ? :S
TRIAL ! Omgee, that's what I can say now . Err, totally not ready yetttt ! Eee, why laahhh SPM so hard -.- and ADD MATHS memang buat aku naik gila ! @,@
and another subject that I 'love' the most , SEJARAH -.- what the hell I supposed to learn all the politics thingss ? Wasting my time broooo ! and I'm not interest in it at all ! Please laah understand me wahai SPM ! heh !

walaaa walaaa, already 10 p.m mehh ? time is running so fast, and aku tak study apa pun lagi malam ni .. okay okay , esok kena bangun awal for seminar. Don't say that I don't need it for my life, my own future. LOL, what the hell I'm talking about. Forget it.

Mira Nadhira <3