23 July 2011

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last published 8 July 2011 ..
Ohh! Hye peeps :)

And it was so longgggg time I did not publish any post. And yeah, as you know.. I was so busy lately.
But I never busy from sign in to my fb account ;P lol
and yeah, its only 2 months left before spm .. wait, maybe 3 months ? oh, that is just around the corner and I'm totally not ready yet! that's so scary :O
I didn't cover yet all the syllabus for form 4 and to tell you the truth, aku sangat-sangat tertekan.
What can I say now, I'm totally out of thisss man! So so, frustratinggg !
I was so busy with a loads of project work this and this. Ict thigy, Add Maths project work and other things.
Stressful man ;/
But deep in my heart, I was like..
I want to reach the part that I never touch. Which is to get all A's :)
for the happiness of mom and dad , I swear .. starting this Monday, I will sit on my chair and straight forward looking for my A .. I will force myself to study all the time and make you proud  even sometimes I don't feel like doing that , but never mind ;) hihi~


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