23 February 2011

We're still same as time passes away

I'm still here, waiting and waiting as time passes. Nothing to do much. Just being as a normal person.

Unforgettable, as a student too :)

Well, now .. i'm happy with my life. Although, there is still a lot of problems that make me suffer and all that. But i'm here with my new life, my new inspirations and my new world. I'm still same. A girl who's without money at all, and without nothing. But, there is a part which is i have it now... My family and my friends. They are so meaningful to me.
I'm proud to be myself, to live with my life now.


I miss my old life, seriously.
I miss him..
I miss the time that we had been together.
I miss the time when he smile at me.
I miss the day we fight together.
I miss the day we laughed together.
I miss all that :(

He taught how to be myself,
he taught me how to love,
he taught me how to be loved,
he taught me to care for someone,
he taught me a real life,
he taught me to obey to Allah,
he taught me how to be a real friends,
he taught me EVERYTHING.


he forgot to teach me how to forget him.

My heart was overwhelmed with loneliness.

with loves,

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