17 February 2011

Thinking of You :)

the night air sends chills to my bone,
i lay here,
alone and in the dark,
thinking of you.

the stars shines brightly,
the moon,
beautifully glistening.

i lay in a flower covered field,
eyes closed,
waiting for you.

i drift off to slumber,
still waiting.
in my dream,
i could feel you near me.
the warmth of your touch on my shoulder,
that feels like a hug.

i could hear you call me,
i could feel your soft kisses on my lips.

i thought it was just apart of my dream.
i wish i wouldn't wake up.
the feeling was just so real,
that i had to open my eyes to see,
if it was true.

my eyes fluttered open,
first everything was a blur,
i could only see a blurry image of a man.
i wasn't sure if it was you.

then i heard your voice call out to me.
i could hear the love and the softness of your voice.
i could feel your arms around me,
keeping me warm from the cold night air.
and i could feel the kisses.

i opened my eyes fully,
and i saw you.
i was in your arms,
and you were carrying me back home.

you held on to me so closely.
behind you,
the stars were shining even brightly.
your big brown eyes looked deep into my eyes.

i leaned my head on your chest.
i could hear your heart beat.
i could hear it thumping loud.
your heart beat was fast.

i smiled softly.
i kissed your cheek gently and slowly closed my eyes.
i whispered in your ear 'i love you'.
before i fell into a deep slumber,
i heard you say,
'i love you, my love, my life.