14 February 2011

Forgive me, My Friend.. :'(

I was in dilemma tonight. I feel like a stupid person, i feel like i want to kill myself right now. 

Huh, it's so difficult when you are trying to fix things up, but in the same time, u make a mistake, not just a mistake, but it is a BIG mistake in your life.. U get what i mean ? 
Ya Allah, berikan petunjuk-Mu .. berikan aku kekuatan menghadapi ujian-Mu ini Ya Allah..
aku memaksa, tapi aku x rela. Hmm, you will not understand me. But trust me, if you was me, u will be able to feel how i feel.

I'm sorry for everything, i know it is my fault. And i know, this is all my FAULT. If you love someone, can you just throw them and push them out of you mind ? Just like that ? I know it's really difficult. 
I miss all the memories that i had been through with you. I miss everything about you, and i will always remember the wonderful memories with you :')

Thanks for the memories that you created for me, thanks for make me suffer for loving you like this.
I will always love you, my friend.


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