24 January 2011

What do u think ?

Monday, 24 January 2011 , 11.55 p.m 
5 minutes more going on Tuesday :)

Well, hari ni aku online. It's hard when you force yourself to not updating any post at all . huh,seriously.. I feel like the world is not enough for me to survive. Yet so, i feel like doing a worst thing than ever. U know what i mean ?
i was free with no homeworks, i mean .. i got , but i think thats not important to complete it now :D haha , i know it is really sucks when you're trying to delay your important works that you have to pass it up. Don't you think uh ? 

I got a very packed time, its soooooo derrr -.- i would rather sleep 24 hours than doing such a terrible work like that . It is so irritated.
Ya Allah , guide me every my single day..  I hope everything is going to be fine then. Amin~

Hamba Allah,

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