01 December 2010

Meaningful for Me :)

Hye blog, Alhamdulillah .. we meet again :)
Today is 2 December 2010 and its Thursday .. my watch shows that it is 3.26 p.m

Thanks my dear for this presents ;)

Yesterday, 1 December 2010..
I had a very best moment that i'd never forget in my life, seriously . It's was so awesome day, hang out with my love, with my friends on my birthday party . Oh God, thanks for that precious moment :) .. Have u see what is up there? Yeah, thats my BOBO bear and the birthday card from my love , hihi :D thanks b for all u had done to me and all the things that u had plan to make my birthday going well and make it blast ;) hehe , Thank You so Much.
And not forgetting, his friends .. Zuprizal, Acap, Abby, Abg Fairuz, Aman, Herry, Ketat, and Ezaty .. thanks for celebrating my birthday party on that day . I'm very happy guys , and thanks guys for make me smile even i still had my illness and those stressed things , hehe  =)

And about the pictures on that day, i will upload it later okay ;)


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