08 October 2010

It's still the same

Dear blog , 
its me, Mira .. now i'm not feeling well at all .. 
and its Friday 7th Oct 2010 , and i was in my living room .. alone ..

Talk about today , yeah .. its holiday .. my own holiday actually .. well , since 3 weeks ago (maybe) i am still not feeling well .. i got pain in my stomach .. but not really accurate in it ..
but i still wondering , why i'm suppose to be like this ? what is my fault ? i'm keep worrying about this ... it's really pain .. :'( 
i don't what other people worry about me .. especially him . i just want to see him.. happy .
and actually , my mom and my dad is not really know about this .. i just need to pretend like an usual   for avoid them to know about this .. seriously , i hate being like this . i hope i will be healthy like before . pray it for me , Amin .. 

p/s : gtg , not really in the mood . bye

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