16 August 2010

i just want to let you know ..

dear heart, 
i have found a new love , a new guy,
i never met him before , i never known him before,
i met a guy that would make me the happiest
 girl in this world,
i fall in love with my friend,
my best friend.
we started to talk more and more at school,

we became close, and close.
we study together,
we laugh together,
and because of that ,
i had learned how to love someone,
how to appreciate a friendship,
and importantly,
i learned that i loved every single thing about him ,

and our friendship got really strong,
when i was going through hard times,
he were always there to cheer me up,
he always there to give me advice when i needed it,
as i got to know the "real him",
i realized what a great person he was,
he were nice to everyone who he came in contact with,
no matter who they are,
he're also really smart,
he always got good grades,
and do well in school,
not only he beautiful in the inside,
but he also beautiful outside as well,
yeah , i admit it.
when i realized all of this,
my feeling about our friendship began to change,
because i know that i love you,
i love you with all of my heart,yet you have no idea.
i wish i could tell you how much you truly mean to me,
i'm afraid that you don't feel the same way about me,
my life will forever incomplete without you,
if you only knew how i felt about you,
i wonder,
would you be willing to make my life complete?

p/s : dedicate this to him

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