24 July 2010


first at all , let me introduce myself :) well , my name is Mira Nadhira bt Yahaya.. u can call me Mira for short . i was born in Kulim , Kedah. Ya Allah , i love that place, there was so so so awesome !! :D .. i born on 29 November 1994.. i hope u will always remember my birthday . hehe xD ..and and , don't forget to save it in your phone okayy ! HAHA .. alright, for your information.. i was a person that had a very special blood. haha. that is siam's blood and malay's blood.. :D and its equal to malsiam :D haha..  i'm mixed actually. but my face is looked more to malay one :) here's my face :

HAHA ^^  ,  my face so ugly rite ? -.- , but i love myself very very and very much.. i love myself as i love my family.. what ever it is , family first . am i right ?? so, keep your family in your heart and you will always save ;) .. My life just like an ordinary person, nothing special .. i just a girl with my glasses , with my books and my dream.. haha , i mean the way where i will go . in the other hand , and easy to describe, my MISSION.. but my mission is not impossible ^^ HAHA .. its hard for me , but i'm still trying to make it easy if i can..at least i'm trying .. yaa rite .. besides ,  i just want my parents know that i can do it what ever i am . i choosed my music, i choosed my style , i choosed my dress and i choosed my way.. so, don't ever determine where i will be and where will i go.. i don't trust people around me because they just want to make fun of me . and i hate that.. if anything you want to know, just ask me. and i will answer it for sure :) thanks. just leave your comment down here . and one more thing , PEACE NO WAR okayyy ! ^^

p/s : sorry guys ! my english sucks ! but i'm trying to improved my English. help me if u can. thank you :)

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